Kids With Gastro? Watch Out For This Risk.

“This centre has a confirmed case of gastroenteritis”

There is only one thing worse than seeing this sign pinned up at your Childcare, and that is discovering that it’s your child is the child who has contracted gastro!

Gastroenteritis is a short-term infection triggered by the inflammation of the digestive system.  Unfortunately, it’s highly contagious and usually spreads through a family like wildfire. 

Symptoms of this gastro include vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal cramps.

The more fluid our little ones lose the higher the risk of dehydration

Dehydration can be subtle at first but has the potential to be quite dangerous.

How To Identify Dehydration

Keep an eye out for a decrease in the number of wet nappies, discoloured or dark urine, cracked lips, a sunken fontanel, or even crying without tears. It’s important that if your family is struck down with this illness that fluid replacement is a priority.

How To Replace Fluids

This means extra breastfeeds for bub, sips of sterilised water and the use of oral hydration solutions such as hydrolyte (these come convenient icy pole form). Remember, if you think that you baby is dehydrated to seek medical advice without delay. 

Author: Jessica Peters – Intensive Care Paramedic and Rescueblue Southern Queensland owner.