Boosting Parent Confidence & Postpartum Care

Boosting Parent Confidence & Postpartum Care

We live in an age of information. We are all connected and sharing almost every aspect of our daily lives. There are of course many benefits to this, but one of the negatives is that bad news travels fast and wide. All of a sudden, we are exposed to cautionary tales from all sides of the globe and as a result it can breed unnecessary fear and anxiety with new parents.

At Rescueblue, we advocate for the education and empowerment of parents through fun and informative workshops. Our goal is to empower people with enough skills and knowledge so that they don’t need to be fearful of all the what if’s, buts and maybes.

We are excited to be joined by Emma, the founder of Adelaide Postpartum Care, to chat all about boosting your confidence as a parent and her advise for making sure you are taking care of YOU during this beautiful, stressful, life changing time!


What drew you to postpartum care and sleep education?

My first pull to the postpartum care industry was honestly having an awful experience myself. I always thought motherhood and all I needed would come naturally and when it didn’t I really struggled. I had a traumatic birth experience and I now know what I needed to come back from this was understanding and support from a trained professional. The first few months I got by on all the love and awe for my daughter, but after around the 7 month mark I felt really lost, alone and so, so tired. All the visitors were gone, hubby was back at work and I was a hot mess. I remember placing my daughter down in to her basinet crying, walking to the lounge room and breaking down myself… I didn’t know what to do and felt like an absolute failure of a mother. After experiencing this struggle a second time around with my son, but this time my eyes open once I found the world of postpartum, postnatal care I knew this is where I needed to be for now I not only could learn and study but I had a deep personal understanding of the experience.

What are your key tips and foundations for postpartum care?

Plan early: Postpartum support outside the first 6 weeks is limited, so don’t get caught out waiting to look around until the 3rd trimester. Find someone you love and jump in, they won’t let you down.

Ask for help: Friends, family and professionals all make up your village of support. Don’t be scared to ask for help.

Honour You: This is such a sacred and special time, make sure that you will be cared for and looked after. Food, rest, emotional support are all so important while you heal. After all your baby is 100% dependent on you.


1. Sleep associations are bad X – The more the better! This takes some of the load off of mum and allows her to take in some help

.2. A early bottle will destroy your breastfeeding journey X -This is one of the worst! Instead of feed, pump, feed, settle, pump, pump ,pump. We need some time to rest & heal. Women are often put in such a state of stress after birth, when to help us produce milk what we can often need is just an hour to rest, eat and have a shower a bottle here (if needed)  is not going to destroy anything, and we need to remember a babies tummy is so tiny when they are born we do not need 100ml of milk of day 2 and what is expressed is not a true indication of milk supply.

Yes putting baby to the breast regularly is the best way to establish feeding but we are put under so much stress and pressure, people often forget about the impact that to can also have on milk production.

What are foundations of healthy sleep habits?

The very foundations of healthy sleep habits come down to simply working with what we can control. 

A supportive sleep environment that’s dark, warm and comfy.

Consistency in daily rhythm or routine/ awake times that are age appropriate.

Safe sleep guidelines for both cot sleeping and co sleeping.

A supportive feeding pattern with consistency.

How can new parents improve their confidence and self-doubt?

Honestly rather than endless google searches talk to a trained professional. Someone who can help you understand the information and what applies to you. Find someone you click with and is on the same page as you. Someone that is going to spend quality time with you and getting to know your situation so you are supported as a mother and a family to grow. Doula’s are 100% there to see you thirve and sleep coaches have usually been down the tough road themselves.

What advice would you give to a mother or father feeling overwhelmed?

Firstly have a deep breath and maybe a cry and a hug. Then chat honestly about where your struggles are and what your ideals are. Get on the same page and ask for help. It is hands down the fastest way to get out of the anxiety, isolation and overwhelmed cycle and help get things back on track, if sleep is the major problem it will also be playing a major part In how you are feeling and coping. Being on the same page as your parenting partner will help you better support one another and make decisions to find your path out.

What is sleep training and why should someone consider this for their baby?

Sleep training is the term used when you do anything to support your baby to sleep more soundly (Although it is often referred to in conjunction with outdated cry it out methods it simply is not the case.) 

If you are really struggling in the early month’s it is worth talking with a sleep specialist simply to understand sleep and how it evolves. Supporting sleep early can help your prevent a lot of the disruptions along the way For later on if your baby is waking frequently through the night past 4-6 months it is well worth while talking to a specialist that can help. Depending on your circumstance settling strategies are often not needed at all and can be as gentle as you prefer.

One thing you wish you could tell yourself as a new mum?

Oh so many to choose from lol, that once my baby arrives things will change, I will change…. Forever. It is ok and once I can embrace it, it is actually amazing. But while it is new, scary and overwhelming do what I need to for me not anyone else.

Any final piece of advice for someone about to have their first baby?

You can have the incredible, beautiful, wonderful birth and postpartum that you desire, but it comes with planning and education. 

Don’t wing it, you will never get the time back so make sure you have the support, care and love that you want so your family is supported to thrive.

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