Domestic Travel With Kids – Our Top Safety Tips

Domestic Travel With Kids – Our Top Safety Tips

With National travel finally back on the agenda, it is no wonder that most families are eager to start exploring and catching up on family holidays!  Travel means new exciting places, faces and experiences for your whole family but it can also be a really stressful period for those of us who are juggling multiple children at once in a new environment. 

Anyone who has travelled with young children will know firsthand how exhausting it can be keeping an eye on them while they are exploring, so here are a few safety tips to make travel a little easier:

Have identifying information on their clothes.  

Losing your child at a busy train station or museum is every parents worst nightmare.  One of the best things you can do to help someone identify your child in the case they get separated from you is have your name and phone number written on their clothing or on their body somewhere.  Either writing it on their t-shirt, on their forearm using a non-toxic ink, or having a little bracelet made up with your contact details on it will assist in the event that you get separated.  There are also a range of wearable tracking devices for children now available on the market!

Wearing Bright, Colourful Clothing 

Literally make your child stand out in the crowd!  So that if they do get away from you, they are easier to spot amongst the masses. 

Have a Stop/Go Word.   

Our children are forever hearing us say “stop throwing your food” or “go to daddy” so when we are in an emergency situation, it’s no wonder that the word “Stop’ and “Go” sometimes don’t have the effect on our children that we need it to. For example, if your child runs out into a busy car park, yelling the word ‘Stop’ may not communicate the need to actually freeze. Work with your children before the holiday to practice a word that actually means “Freeze” so that when you do need them to freeze they understand the urgency of that word. 

Child-proof everything

Our young kids like to explore EVERYTHING .  So when you arrive at the accommodation you are staying at be sure to do a sweep of the accommodation and child-proof the area where possible.  You can take preventative measures by blocking off stairways, covering power point outlets, closing bathroom and laundry doors and ensuring outdoor bodies of waters adequately separated from child. 

If you don’t want to pack everything with you, call the hotel or the place you’ll be staying to see what options they have for child proofing the room. Most airlines will allow you to bring your baby car seat at no extra cost, however if in doubt, speak to your airline or car rental company about car seat hire. 

Update the medical/first aid kit

Its always recommended to have a paediatric first aid kit with you every time you go out exploring new places with your children.  But if you are going to be away for a few days, be sure to make sure you have included any of the regular medications your child is on as chemists may not always be readily available at your travel destinations.  Be sure to also bring medications that your child may only sometimes need such as asthma medications and EpiPen’s so that you are prepared in any situation. 

We always recommend carrying paracetamol and ibuprofen for pain relief and if your child is over 6 months of age, an antihistamine for any minor allergies or reactions your child may have to bites and stings.  Make sure your medications are in date and ready to go for your trip!  It won’t take up that much extra room in your bag but you can be sure it will save you an awful amount of time once at your holidays destination if you don’t have to go searching for a local doctor to prescribe your medications for you if needed.

We hope these tips will help you and your family to travel more safely. Enjoy your trip!