Easter Egg Hunt Safety Tips From A Paramedic

Easter Egg Hunt Safety Tips From A Paramedic

Its almost Easter egg hunt time again! One of the most enjoyable mornings of the year for both parents and children alike! There is nothing quite like the joy of watching your little ones find their hidden eggs around the home. But as always, there are some important safety reminders we want to share with you.⁠

Choose Your Eggs Wisely

⁠ Be aware that the small solid easter eggs are the perfect size and shape for blocking your child’s airway. ⁠Ask the easter bunny to leave the larger hollow eggs for your little ones as these can be broken up into smaller sizes and not cause an airway obstruction.⁠

Watch Out For Water

When planning your easter egg hunt outside be careful not to place eggs inside the pool fence or near bodies of water as we don’t want to risk them falling into the pool unsupervised. ⁠

Don’t Hunt For these…

If there are easter eggs placed in bushy gardens maybe do a quick sweep of the area first to make sure that there are no snakes waiting to pounce. ⁠

Post-Hunt Safety

When the easter egg hunt is finished and your child is eager to start eating all their chocolate, make sure that any foil wrappings are taken off the chocolate fully and discarded as when scrunched up they also can be a choking hazard.⁠

Of course, to avoid this risk entirely, just get up early and eat all the easter eggs yourself!