It is common not to realise the dangers of many household items which we don’t think twice about. Thank you to Sarah Elizabeth Palmer for bravely sharing her story with us to help raise awareness about the dangers of cheap phone chargers. Read below for her story.


“How many of us use cheap phone chargers when the genuine one breaks as an easy money friendly alternative? Did you know most of the cheap ones aren’t even made to be used in your phone? They have no safety checks, no regulations to adhere to and no risk assessments done on them.

Yesterday we learnt this the hard way. My phone was on charge over night as usual. In the morning I unplugged my phone, turned the socket off and unplugged the charger and just put it on my bed. In the -10 seconds it took me to take my pj top off and put my bra on, Hunter had crawled over my bed and grabbed the end of the charger. I turned round and took the charger off him. He screamed, he doesn’t like having things taken off of him 🤦🏼‍♀️ I finished getting ready then smelt burning. I checked my charger and it had melted. I picked Hunter up to change him and noticed his hand was white… that’s when I put 2 and 2 together! The charger had melted in his hand when he picked it up.

We spent 8 hours in HRI yesterday having his wound cleaned and the blistered scraped off as they formed, then we’re transferred to Pinderfields to the children’s burns ward for overnight observations. Paramedics have said he will heal fine and the paediatrics team have said accidents happen. It’s the worst feeling being scrutinised but I’d rather they check then let a child fall through the cracks.

Please, for the sack of a few dollars it isn’t worth the risk! Genuine chargershave chips in that stop currents and overheating when the phone is fully charged and don’t allow the wires to retain the heat. We all know this on some level but think we will be fine! You really aren’t.”