What does it mean to be a mum? By the best in the business

What do Libby Babet, Phoebe Ghorayeb and Nikki Phillips all have in common? They each prioritised their baby’s welfare and learnt the valuable first aid skills needed to save their child’s life early in their motherhood journey. Becoming a mum is precious gift, so to celebrate Mother’s Day we asked each of these incredible mothers two specific questions aimed at providing first time mothers the best advice from the best in the business.


  • What is the best advice you can share with mothers to be?
  • What was the best advice you received going into motherhood?


Speaker, Presenter, Author, Journalist, Mum | www.libbybabet.com |  @libbybabet
You might remember Libby as the newest trainer to hit our screens on Channel TEN’s ‘The Biggest Loser: Transformed’. Her passion for fitness has led her to her Bondi training studio The Upbeat. Libby is also co-founder of Chief Nutrition, a healthy snack bar company with brands Chief Bar and Beauty Food, and co-founder of Nurture Group.

Libby is a published author and experienced journalist. Libby writes extensively for various publications in both print and online, including her own weekly blogs via her businesses.

What is the best advice you can share with mothers to be?

A tip I’d really love to give to new mums is to relax their views on what they “should” be doing to prepare for birth and motherhood, or what their babies should or shouldn’t be doing at what age, and how they should be managing them. As a first-time mum you can really get stressed out and overwhelmed about all that stuff and it stops you from remembering that this is a little human being not a robot. Each baby has individual needs and personalities! Cover the majors – feeding them, caring for them, learning your baby first aid (obviously hehe), but truly birth is just a moment in time and then it’s all systems go – if you properly tune into your child, life with them becomes a journey and a learning of each other rather than a schedule to stick to. I wish someone had told me that was okay. Eventually I figured it out, but I spent so many months wondering….

Parenthood is a process of falling in love, guiding and supporting, not directing and controlling… just get to know your child, and learn as you go… that’s half the fun!

What was the best advice you received going into motherhood?
The best advice I ever received… hmm… probably to remember that the days are long but the years are short, so to remember to really take time to SEE her when I look at her. I think of that so often. A little word of advice delivered by an old man in a chicken shop!

Mum, Blogger/Content Creator, Model, Presenter |
www.modelappetite.com |  @model_appetite
Founder of the [MODEL] appetite blog where Phoebe showcases a fresh view on how food can be enjoyed and discovered, how the fashion world can embrace the fun and importance of good eating and how a variety of opinions and knowledge can inspire people to embrace everything food has to offer.

What is the best advice you can share with mothers to be?

My advice to first time mums would be not to get too caught up in routine. Sometimes it takes time to establish a solid sleep pattern and feed routine so don’t get too hung up on it. One bad day of sleeping and eating is usually just that. One day. Their routines will constantly change and alter as they grow so just go with it and enjoy the downtime when you can. 

What was the best advice you received going into motherhood?

A great piece of advice I received was to always stand up when trying to settle a crying baby. Sometimes I was just too tired to stand up and walk with them, but it was always worth it in the long run and they settled much faster when I did. 


Mum, MC, TV Media Personality | www.bynikkiphillips.com | @nikkikphillips
Nikki has hosted Paspaley Polo In the City for One HD, appeared in hit TV shows such as channel 10 Can of Worms, NZ Next Top Model, The Morning Show, Today Show, Pyramid, 12 ways to Christmas along with filming many fashion and fitness pieces for Austero and Foxtel. Nikki has also been the face of many brands such as REEBONZ, Cotton On Body, Cleo Magazines Swim Week, Jockey, Emma and Roe and worked with brands such as The Iconic, Polo in the city, Jeanswest, Gillette and RM Williams. Her blog, By Nikki Phillips continues to rocket to success with over 700,000 views and major full time brand advertising. Nikki’s eye for style and knowledge of fashion makes her blog a must read.

 What is the best advice you can share with mothers to be?
Simple. Trust your instincts and don’t compare yourself!

What was the best advice you received going into motherhood?

Ignore all horror stories of other mothers and all boasting stories of other mothers. Each baby is different, each women is different and each family is different! No matter how your beautiful baby is welcomed into this world and if you do or don’t breastfeed, it doesn’t matter! Congratulations! You just welcomed to the world a miracle! You’re a mum! So, Relax! You got this. Yes, your world has changed, but give yourself time to adjust, don’t expect to be perfect immediately. Listen to your body. We all learn as we go and have our own stories, that’s what makes us, us!