Why you should choose a paramedic to teach you first aid

Before I start, I want to say that any first aid training is better than no first aid training. This post is written by a paramedic and is intended on explaining how paramedics fit into the Australian Healthcare System. It by no means takes away from the fantastic and invaluable work that other medical professionals do. We are a team and we work together.

Australian Health Care System

Australia’s Health care System is one of the most comprehensive in the world; offering a range of services from pre-hospital emergency care, general and preventative healthcare to specialist in hospital care to name just a few.

As a general rule of thumb, the Australian Healthcare System is made up of a range of medical professionals that each specialise in a particular area. These healthcare professionals work together to provide Australia with one of the best and most effective health systems in the world.

So, when it comes to pre-hospital care (medical care given outside the walls of a hospital), who does the Australian Healthcare System entrust? The paramedics of course!

If you witness an emergency whether it be at the park, on the roads or in your household you are told from a young age, that you need to you call triple zero. When you do, a paramedic crew will be dispatched, and the wheels of the Australian Healthcare System start to turn.

Experts in prehospital care

A paramedic is a highly trained and skilled medical professional who works solely in the pre-hospital environment. They are used to working in small teams, with limited resources and sometimes even have to attend life threatening emergencies by themselves. Unlike other medical professionals, paramedics rarely have help. For that reason, they are known within the wider health care system as the experts in pre-hospital care.

Paramedics are used to working in confined spaces, in chaotic environments, sometimes in the dark and in the rain. They are not fazed by difficult patients (although they rarely have security) or tough situations. They are calm, they bring calm and they ensure that no matter the situation their patient remains calm.

But by far, the most important skill within a paramedic’s arsenal is that of excellent communication.

First Aid Training and Rescueblue

First aid occurs in the pre-hospital environment, more than likely in your household, at the park or near a pool. So naturally we suggest that you use a paramedic as your trainer.

It is really important to ensure that your trainer is still operating as a paramedic. There are a lot of first aid providers out there that employ individuals (paramedics, nurses and doctors alike) that have not worked in the field for many years. First aid guidelines are constantly updated and it is extremely important that you know what you are learning is the most up to date information.

At Rescueblue all of our trainers are operational paramedics first and first aid trainers second. We bring the knowledge that we learn in the field, to the classroom, to ensure that you know what to do when moments count.

Theo Mallos

Intensive Care Paramedic | Managing Director Rescueblue

Managing Director Rescueblue