Why child-proofing your fireplace is essential this winter

Why child-proofing your fireplace is essential this winter

Mitchell and Holly, the owners of Sydney’s first baby proofing service First Steps Safe Steps are here to give us their expert tips on baby proofing your fireplace this winter.

Here’s why it is essential for the safety of babies and toddlers:

Prevent Burns and Injuries: Fireplaces can get extremely hot. A baby gate keeps curious kids at a safe distance. Aim to install the baby gate 60cm away from the fireplace.

Block Access to Hazardous Tools: Fireplace tools can be dangerous. A gate ensures they’re out of reach.

Avoid Trips and Falls: Raised hearths and uneven surfaces are tripping hazards. A gate prevents accidents.

Prevent Exposure to Ash and Soot: Keep harmful substances away from your little ones.

Limit Access to Flames: For wood-burning or gas fireplaces, a gate provides a crucial barrier against open flames.

Ensure a safe and cozy home for everyone this winter!

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